The Canalys Mobility Forum EMEA 2009 took place in London on the 17th of November.

A highly informative event which gave industry experts insights into the evolution of the pc and phone industries for the coming years, it specifically developed a discussion around the dynamics of the netbook and smartphone sectors.

Great relevance was given to the smartphone sector, focusing on the various existing operating platforms and making special emphasis on Andriod as the platform to watch out for. As a special note attendants were told to look towards Asia, this is where most of the innovation is coming from.

The event also covered the evolution of the netbook market, questioning its margins which are very low when compared to Notebooks and specially when compared to the smartpone sector. The recent introduction into the market of the Google Navigator and the effect it has had in the PND market was also discussed, something to keep an eye on as Google expands its service to more cities. spoke to Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook Wireless, an American based company that has great passion for its developed iPhone App, a location based app which has been used to develop most extraordinary and original apps. Watch our video interview to find out more.

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