There has been a lot of talk about privacy in the recent past as services for secure and private messaging pop up everywhere. However, most consumers may not be in a position to ascertain that these services are actually present on the smartphone. Equally, the companies themselves may also not be aware of the features that are missing.

Blackphone is a new smartphone that has prioritized user privacy by creating an entire ecosystem around the issue. The smartphone is produced by Silent Circle, a company owned by a cryptographer Phil Zimmermann, in conjunction with Geeksphone, a Spanish startup company.

The phone will run on PrivatOS, a modified version of Google’s Android that is built with the intention of making all the tasks secure. The Blackphone website indicates that customers are able to make secure calls, messages, video chats, private browsing as well as exchange and store files securely.

The Blackphone handset is not locked and can operate on any GSM carrier. The company claims that the smartphone is a top performer, although many people are not sure about the technology and features found on it. However, many note that it is a positive step to focus on an ecosystem that is primarily based on privacy. It is expected that many companies will learn from the success or mistakes that will be found on the new smartphone.

Pricing of the Blackphone has not been released, but the smartphone will be ready for pre-orders during the Mobile World Congress opening day on 24th February 2013.

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