After displaying its new 110-inch HDTV at CES, Samsung has finally opened up orders for this set. However, it is not clear what the cost of the HDTV will be. Besides, Samsung is availing the huge set in the Middle East, China, and a number of European countries.

Samsung’s 85-inch 4k set had the cost of $40,000 after its launch in March. Taking this into consideration, the gigantic set is likely to be costlier. In that pricing range, it is clear that Samsung is using this TVs to aim for bragging rights.

At CES, 4K TV sets were among the few new technologies and they are expected to be such a bigger deal at 2014 CES coming up next week. While several manufacturers are attempting to introduce their 4K sets to the market, Samsung is wielding its might by displaying huge sets. Ultimately, it does not really count if only a few of the sets get sold.

These days, many people in need of a huge screen would rather invest in home projectors. You will need to go for the 1080p projectors currently (the 4K projector from Sony costs $25,000), though this isn’t a loss, given the absence of 4K content in the market.

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