Tech-Ex reports in his blog that Alabama resident Jessica Alena Smith has filed a complaint against Apple.

He says that although the lawsuit hasn’t been granted class action status yet, he believes it will, eventually.

According to Tech-Ex, Jonathan Kudulis, an attorney with Birmingham, Alabama-based Trimmier Law Firm, representing Smith, said:
“Apple sold these devices on the promise that they were twice as fast as the pre-existing phones and that they would function suitably, or properly, on the 3G network. But, thus far, Apple and the phone have failed to deliver on this promise.”

The blogger explains his own experience of what he describes as an almost complete “3G outage”.

“I work at a company that works on mobile phone software, and any of our other 3G phones work just fine, with full bars of coverage, at work, while the iPhone has one bar at best,” he said.
“Additionally, while some try to pin the problem on AT&T, complaints from other carriers in different countries indicate it’s not a network issue.”

Tech-Ex says he doesn’t believe Smith is looking for a rich payday. Instead, he suggests she is trying to get Apple to fix the issue, if necessary by recalling and repairing existing phones.

He concludes by saying that after calling AT&T, they refunded him an entire month on his data plan – which seems to have satisfied him.

What have your experiences been with your iPhone? Please let us know.

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