Rumors about the new iPhone have already started circulating around and this time we're hearing about the possible release of 3 new iPhones during 2013.

Just a few months after the release of iPhone 5, Apple seems to be designing the next model, with an earlier rumor claiming that it will be presented in June. The new rumor comes from China Times and mentions of a brand new 4.8-inch iPhone that will arrive in June and two other models that are expected during the year. China Times claims that their news come from Apple's supply chain and that except for the traditional iPhone, we should expect one that will be a phablet, something between a phone and a tablet, and one that will have a 12MP camera. In addition, the 4.8-inch phone will have an 8MP camera and it might be the answer to Samsung Galaxy S III.

It seems that the article is emphasizing on the 4.8-inch iPhone, since it might be the next bet for Apple. After noticing that the market is requesting bigger smartphones, but smaller than tablets, it could be possible indeed to be trying a bigger version of the iPhone we all know.

However, can they really release 3 iPhones during a year? Will it be a wise move, or should we just wait for one or two models?

Is there a real gap between iPad mini and iPhone or are they just thinking of ways to decrease Samsung's sales? Should we trust those rumors above or are they just speculations on Apple's future plans? So many questions are waiting to be answered the following months.

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