Westbee is a Canadian start-up offering to change the way we purchase goods by putting forward products by designers and manufacturers who respect proper working conditions. In a matter of a few clicks, people can be assured of the quality and origin of the products they purchase, and of the ethical standards that had to be respected for their production.

The website gowestbee.com targets a trendy clientele by putting forth many exclusive and original products. On it, you will find clothing, fashion accessories, kitchen accessories, beauty products, and toys as well as exclusive products from Canada, the United States, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

WestBee donates 1% of sales revenues earned in Canada to Alvéole, a company which contributes to the protection of bees by setting up beehives in urban areas.

“Western companies, just like bees, produce high quality products that are endangered. The bee is thus the symbol of the fair vision of production and consumption that we wish to convey. Purchasing products that are distributed by WestBee means contributing to the maintenance of local and Western economies, while also promoting the growth and employment of our designers. I invite you all to visit our website!”, said Lorenzo Sterzi, co-founder of WestBee.

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