Iron Man is quickly becoming the highest selling Blu-ray disc yet, with an estimated 20 per cent of all discs of the super-hero movie sold last week being on the high-def format.

Sales of Blu-ray versions of the blockbuster reportedly represented as much as 50 per cent of total Iron Man disc sales for some online stores.

Although Paramount Home Entertainment has made no official statement on the sales figures, the movie is expected to exceed one million units sold.

Until now, Blu-ray versions of popular movies, including I Am Legend, represented about 9 per cent of sales in the format.

Iron Man’s success undoubtedly owes something to its appeal to comic book, special effects and videogame fans, all who are more likely to have PlayStation 3 consoles, which play back Blu-ray discs.

But, after what can only be described as a sluggish start, could it also suggest that the format is finally reaching a level of acceptance that will tip it over into the mainstream?

With the release of the Dark Knight – including a BD-Live version – still to come, the year the format war was decided may actually end on a high note for Blu-ray.

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