Blu-ray For Macs?

An upgrade to the Mac OS X Leopard that would allow Blu-ray is one of the more interesting rumors circulating ahead of Tuesday’s Apple event.

Currently at 10.5.5, it could be that version 10.5.6 would allow Blu-ray discs to be handled without the need for third-party software add-ons, and would then allow Apple to add Blu-ray drives to its machines.

If that happens and the MacBook family gets Blu-ray, then it’s likely to happen with the iMac and Mac Pro as well.

Among the other Apple speculations is one suggesting Apple is working on networked LCD HDTVs.

Jason Calacanis told CNET UK that an Apple LCD HDTV would be able to stream all your iTunes content from your Mac or PC. Basically the Apple TV box would be integrated in the TV sets.

While Apple has been specific about what will be discussed at tomorrow’s event – "The spotlight turns to notebooks", according to the invitation, other announcements can’t be ruled out.

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