In June, Sharp ventured into the 4K market with the release of the new AQUOS 4K Ultra HD TV. This was the world’s first officially THX-Certified Ultra HD TV. The release of this HDTV was a huge deal for sharp, although it was delayed for some few weeks.

THX 4K Certification means that sharp’s new LC70UD1U is the first UHDTV to go out of its way to integrate ultra high-definition (UHD) with amazing picture quality. Sharps entry into the 4KTV is looking as promising as Samsung, LG, and Sony.

The Company has a revolutionary technology that converts HD content into 4K resolution. The TV also features other amazing features such as WiFi connectivity, dual-core processor, as well as Sharp’s SmartCentral smart TV platform. This platform allows users to stream directly from services such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix and Pandora.

Other amazing features of the new AQUOS 4K Ultra HDTV include a split-screen function which allows users to access the Internet and watch TV simultaneously. It also has an on the screen function for services such as Twitter, Facebook and Skype. The HDTV also has six-speaker sound, as well as Sharp’s proprietary DuoBass subwoofer system, which releases 35 watts of sound.

The LC-70UD1 also has features such as AquoMotion 240 technology, wallpaper mode, two USB ports as well as an inbuilt SD card reader.

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