Sony has no intention of releasing a PS3 without a Blu-ray drive.

The suggestion that the Japanese company would ditch the high-def format was scotched by Sony’s marketing manager Kim Nguyen.

"That would pretty much destroy the PS3’s backbone, our games were built on Blu-ray." Kim told Silicon Alley Insider. "Quote that: Blu-ray will always be part of PS3."

Speculation about the console’s Blu-ray drive and a possible price cut began a few weeks ago.

However, the Sony executive told SAI there were no immediate plans to reduce the price tag.

This is despite renewed pressure from industry figures, including Electronic Arts exececuties.

They say only 3 per cent of the PS1’s sales were at its launch price of USD $299 – and it only began selling when the price dropped.

They also point to the Xbox 360’s growing market share, suggesting it is largely as a result of a price drop.

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