Japan’s cutting edge electronics fair CEATAC just ended but it tossed a few interesting titbits into the mix, including a solar-powered HDTV from Sharp.

The LED-backlit 52-inch set receives up to 220kWh of power from a solar floor panel.

If “cleaner” technology is set to become ever more important then Panasonic was displaying a variation on this theme.

It demonstrated a plasma Viera HDTV that was able to transmit video beamed from a Blu-ray deck via a WirelessHD at an uncompressed 1080p across a 60GHz link at up to 4Gbit/s.

WiHD replaces HDMI wires with radio links and is designed to handle HDTV video streams between AV equipment.

Aside from excellent picture quality, the technology does away with the need for the clutter of wires and cables that spoil the clean look of today’s often-wall mounted screens.

Panasonic says the WirelessHD devices will be on sale within a year.

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