Fifty per cent of US HDTV owners bought their HDTV sets because of the superior quality of picture and video on high def programming.

This improvement over standard definition – and not significant price drops – was the most influential factor in their purchase decision, according to a survey by

The consumer survey notes that the popularity of HDTVs has grown significantly over the past two years.

So much so that fifty-seven per cent of US consumers own an HDTV, compared with only 30 per cent in August 2006.

Today, LCD TV is the preferred HDTV, with 57 per cent owning one.

And despite economic uncertainties, 73 per cent of online shoppers who do not currently own an HDTV indicate they plan to purchase a set within the next 12 months.

While price may not be given as the determining factor in a purchase decision, HDTV sales tags have been falling.

Over the last two years, the average price for LCD and plasma HDTVs has dropped 13 per cent, while the average price for projection (DLP, LCoS) HDTVs has fallen 27 per cent.

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