New Zealand warms to HDTV

Sports mad Kiwis quick to sign up for new Freeview HD service

Just three months after going live in New Zealand, the free-to-air digital television and radio service Freeview has reported an impressive response to its new high def offering.

Since its launch in April, 7,594 HD enabled homes have taken the Freeview HD service
Steve Browning, Freeview’s general manager, admitted that he hadn’t expected uptake to be “quite this fast”.

He said plans were already in place to produce a Freeview PVR.
“And with the recent launch of Sony BRAVIA V and W series digital TVs with Freeview HD built in we are seeing the different options available to access free digital TV growing,” he said.

In general terms, a total of 123,903 receivers had been sold by the end of June, which roughly equates to 8 per cent of New Zealand homes having access to the service.

Freeview are fully expecting adoption to increase further when the Olympics kick off, with the service offering “24/7 coverage” in HD.

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