LG Launches 4K HDTV in Korea

LG has long been an industry leader in the high-end HDTV market, leading the way with well-reviewed releases and cutting edge technology. While here in the U.S. we may have to wait a while longer for their next big release, it seems that customers in Korea are finally going to be able to purchase a long anticipated offering from the international company.

LG had previewed their 84-inch ultra definition HDTV at CES, and will now ship a limited quantity of the devices for sale solely in the Asian country.

Their ‘Ultra Definition’ HDTV sports a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, with a stunning 1080p image in standard or 3D viewing. It has all of LG’s stock Smart TV features, and will ship with the company’s Cinema 3D passive glasses tech. The timing of the announcement may be a direct response to Samsung’s unveiling of their massive, 75-inch ES9000 HDTV.

The companies both hail from Korea, and chances are LG simply couldn’t let Samsung beat them to the punch in their native land. The ES9000 has yet to be reviewed, so there’s no telling which device will gain the most traction, but LG is probably betting that the extra nine inches of screen size in their device could sway potential customers choosing between the two.

According to Samsung, the 4K HDTV will retail in Korea for just under $22,000 US, with a mere 84 units available during the first month. The sound system is truly 3D, with a 2.2 channel set up. American consumers will surely be eager to check out the device here at home, but since hardly any American cable networks are broadcasting in 4K, the lack of content means much of the HDTV’s strengths would go untested.

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