Is Apple Manufacturing an HDTV?

Even though it’s yet an unconfirmed rumor, it’s difficult not to get excited. According to a series of Tweets from industry insiders and an upcoming report by Jeffries, Apple is currently in production on their own HDTV, to come to market in 2013.

The Jeffries report has not yet been released, so regrettably none of the details can be confirmed. But according to an industry analyst with access to the report, Apple will partner with Verizon and AT&T to handle the service for the Apple HDTV, or iTV as it will be called.

Customers who don’t want to change out their current cable provider will still be able to get on the Apple bandwagon. The iTV will also sell as a set-top box for Comcast and the other regional providers. Initial reports put the first iTV at a retail price of $1,250, and Apple expects to ship as many as two million units by the end of 2013.

Of course, this isn’t the first report on an Apple HDTV to come from Jeffries. Near the beginning of the year they suggested a forthcoming product called the iPanel, at around that same price break, and that five million of the devices would be produced by the end of 2012.

Those rumors seem to be picking up more support as the months pass. The Wall Street Journal has started discussing Apple’s HDTV release, even suggesting it would link directly to the iCloud, to allow for both live and on-demand television services.

Time will tell if any of these rumors are true. Hopefully Apple will shed some further light on their HDTV at this fall’s new product release conference.

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