I-Movix has launched the first broadcast-integrated, native HD, ultra-slow-motion solution offering frame rates of 500 to 1,000 fps with instant replay.

The new SprintCam V3 HD produces slow-motion output equivalent to 20 to 40 times slower than normal speed, which the Belgian company says makes it the most advanced HD system available with full broadcast integration.

I-Movix’s SprintCam system has been used extensively to provide slow-motion footage from recent major broadcasting events, including Beijing 2008.

Laurent Renard, CEO of I-Movix, said the new SprintCam V3 HD had an unmatched combination of exceptional image quality and light sensitivity, instant replay, broadcast integration, and out-of-the-box operation with no requirement for special training.

He said the image quality, combined with its ease-of-use, made the V3 HD ideal for slow-motion requirements in sports broadcasting, commercials production, documentaries and movies.

The SprintCam V3 HD system comprises a high-speed HD camera, an operational control panel, a slow motion remote, and the camera control unit.

It will be available in June 2009.

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