BitGravity announced today that it is launching a live digital video service that will allow users to stream Flash-based HD video over the Internet.

The BG Live HD service can stream live events in 1080p or 720p resolution and doesn’t require a viewing client to be downloaded.

The content delivery network (CDN) provider, making the announcement at DEMO 2009, said the new service was the first affordable, true HD, online streaming service for live events in 1080p or 720p resolution.

Perry Wu, co-founder and CEO of BitGravity, said the notion of HD live broadcasting over the Internet is not earth shattering.
However, he said doing it in a way that enables wide adoption is.

Perry Wu, CEO BitGravity

"Technology is not meaningful if we only deliver four out of five requirements that customers demand," he said.

"TV-quality 720p and 1080p HD with only a few seconds delay off live, no client download, simple set-up, scalability, and affordability are the table stakes for being a player in this space."

Last October, BitGravity announced the release of an application programming interface (API), capable of supporting cutting-edge interactive video applications.

Based in Burlingame, California, the company launched a standard-definition version of the live online streaming service at last year’s DEMO event.

Since then it has live streamed events such as the Democratic and Republican national conventions and President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Wu said BG Live HD, provides TV-quality video with just a few seconds of delay.

He said the service has low hardware start-up costs.

The HD H.264 live streaming software will initially be offered at no price premium over SD H.264 delivery.

To stream live with an HD camera and Internet connection, BitGravity requires only an Apple Mac Pro loaded with BitGravity transcoding software, a PCI expansion card, and an HDMI or HDSDI source connected to BitGravity’s network.

The new service streams data at a rate of 1.5- 2 megabits per second, which most cable modems and DSL lines can handle.
BG Live HD will be generally available in April.

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