Japan is to get the world’s first HDTV video download service that allows users to export high-def content from HDDs to Blu-ray Disc.

Tsutaya online provides video content from a server to compatible digital home appliances and allows the content to be copied on Blu-ray Disc, iVDR-S and memory cards.

Tsutaya obtained permission to use seven of the technologies that can export content based on MarlinDRM specifications.

The service, which is to be launched on 19 December, will offer over 400 titles, including movies and TV programs created by US film companies.

Tsutaya online has gained permission to dub HDTV content from them.

HDTV video can be exported, without down conversion, to Blu-ray Disc, DVD-R DL (AVCREC) and iVDR-S media.

AACS will be applied to recording on Blu-ray Disc and DVD-R DL media, while SAFIA will be applied to recording on iVDR-S media.

Video can also be delivered in a form protected by DTCP-IP to DLNA-compatible devices.

Tsutaya expects to be able to offer a down-convert service from HD to SD, with the content than able to be recorded on SD memory cards, Memory Stick PRO and EMPR (embedded memory with playback and recording function).

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