Japanese firm to follow Sony’s lead and combine Blu-ray player with LCD TV

Funai is to launch an LCD TV with an integrated Blu-ray player in a move that is certain to widen the appeal of the format with consumers.

From next summer the company is to combine the two products into one unit.

Sony recently said that it plans to put Blu-ray into a variety of CE products.

Around a fifth of Funai’s current US TV sales are based on TV/DVD combos, so it is an area in which the company has a good track record.

The Japanese firm is the parent company for discount brands such as Symphonic, Emerson and Sylvania.

In the US their products can be found in a range of electronic retailers. Wal-Mart currently has their Sylvania Blu-ray player for US$299.

Funai has released no details as yet, but a 42-inch LCD/Blu-ray combo is expected to cost between US$1,100 and US$1,300.
Is this combination going to turn more consumers onto Blu-ray? Your views please.

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