Information is beginning to emerge about Sony’s first device harnessing the new standard for wireless high-definition video connectivityWHDI.

According to Sony Insider, the DMX-WL1T will allow uncompressed 1080p HD video and audio signal to be transmitted to any Dmex compatible Sony Bravia HDTV.

WHDI is claimed to be capable of data rates up to 3GB per second, transmitted on a 40mhz channel in the 5Ghz unlicensed band.

The range for the DMX-WL1T is said to be 5 feet, a distance Sony Insider points out is significantly less than Sony’s claims of the distance WHDI technology is capable of communicating.

However, as the technology has a range of 100 feet, this is expected to rise as more details emerge.

The interface will have four HDMI inputs, one component input, one digital audio input and a stereo audio input. A receiver base station and transmitter will also be included on the DMX. Other components may be controlled using three IR blaster ports.

The DMX has an anticipated release in September or October. More information is expected to be made available at IFA 2008 in Berlin. No price has not been given for the interface.

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