FutureSource Consulting has produced an interesting chart (see below) that highlights the gulf between HDTV ownership and the penetration of Blu-ray disc players in Europe.

It shows that there are 69 million HD-ready TV sets but just 8 million Blu-ray players,including PS3 consoles – prompting the title: "61 million TVs starved of HD content".

While HD content is obviously available from other sources – such as VOD and HD broadcasting TV stations – the chart clearly shows how much work remains for backers of Blu-ray to get the high-def format into the mainstream.

The UK tops the chart with 42 per cent of households owning a HDTV and 9 per cent a Blu-ray player.

Germany comes bottom with 24 per cent with HDTVs and 3 per cent with a Blu-ray player.

FutureSource is bullish that the numbers of HDTVs seemingly devoid of HD content will soon be reduced.

It forecasts a strong rise in Blu-ray Player sales – up to 19 million in Western Europe for 2009 and 45 million players by the end of 2011.

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