If Europe wants to benefit from the growing HDTV market, broadcasters and production companies must take a broader view.
That is the advice of Jaume Rey, director of Professional & Broadcast IT Systems Business Unit (PBITS), part of the Panasonic group.
Speaking at a conference on “HD content in Europe”, he urged those involved in producing TV programmes to look beyond local markets.
He noted that while European consumers have embraced HD acquisition technology, many viewers are still watching television on SD sets.
“HD has expanded extensively throughout Europe in recent years and is now present almost everywhere,” he said.
“The US and Japan are ahead of us in Europe though some European countries, such as the UK, France, and the Scandinavian countries have already invested and adopted the HD technology.
“In countries such as Spain, broadcasters and production companies must show a lead in the introduction of HD.
"In a growing market, manufacturers need to think globally instead of locally where content production and distribution is concerned.”
Mr Rey said examples of innovative video distribution such as YouTube illustrated the wider view required and European countries should play a key role on this development because of the rich resources of the European cultural heritage.
“Spain, in particular, with a 400 million potential market of Spanish speakers globally, should play a leading part,” he said.
He was delivering the keynote speech at the Universitat de València CONTD Conference in València, Spain.
Mr Rey ended his speech by pointing to a future in which HD technology will feed into a much wider range of productions, including videogames and virtual reality content production, as well as archive AV solutions.

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