Industry experts have played down reports that Panasonic’s Tru2way TV has failed to pass tests after being submitted for certification.
The manufacturer was expected to introduce Tru2way sets at selected retail outlets in test markets in September.
It had submitted units for certification testing at the industry’s R&D consortium, CableLabs.
Reports then emerged of “bugs” in the implementation which had resulted in the sets being failed.
CableLabs issued a statement saying it was unable to comment on specific test results.
However, it went on to say it was common for devices to require multiple test runs before achieving CableLabs Certification.
“Manufacturers generally account for such timing in their product plans,” said the statement.
“CableLabs conducts multiple test waves throughout the year in order to accommodate additional testing.
“Panasonic has entered an upcoming certification wave, which provides ample time for products to reach the marketplace to meet the company’s rollout schedule.
“Other tru2way products, including products from Samsung and ADB, have already been Certified by CableLabs.”
Tru2way technology is the inclusion of set-top technology inside the TV set units themselves, so removing the need for an external box.
Later, Panasonic released a statement saying they still expected to be selling the TVs for the Christmas season.
"Panasonics Tru2way-enabled VIERA HDTV is in the certification process at CableLabs. Panasonic expects to deliver Tru2way-enabled VIERA HDTVs to the market in time for the holiday season," the statement said.

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