Satellite broadcaster becomes first the TV broadcaster to offer video in a full 1080p resolution

Subscribers to America’s DISH Network who have its MPEG-4 HD DVR boxes are to be offered full 1080p (1920×1080 progressive) resolution wherever content is available.

Starting on August 1 with a Video On Demand option for the movie I Am Legend, the new high resolution programming will supercede the 1080i (interlaced) or 720p which until now was usual HD fare for DISH and other services.

The satellite company claims it is giving subscribers Blu-ray quality images for a lower price than renting a disc.
It is also launching a new set of channel bundles known as TurboHD that are claimed to be the first in the market to offer customers a package that only contains HD stations.

Charlie Ergen, CEO of DISH Network, said the upgraded resolution was possible as a result of its new satellite, Echo XI.
This will also allow the broadcaster to extend its current 114 HD channels to 150 by the autumn.

He said that by early August, all DISH Network customers with MPEG-4 HD DVR receivers will be able to view 1080p content.

“This marks the first time in history a pay-TV provider offers movies in 1080p, the highest resolution format available for HD video enthusiasts,” he said.

“Our latest system upgrade, coupled with the introduction of TurboHD, further strengthens our position as the leader in digital television and high definition television, platforms we look forward to enhancing even more with mobile and portable options.”

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