Atlona has released a new range of HDMI and DVI to HDMI cables that feature a swivel connector end which allows them to bend at 90 degrees in either direction.

This connector design enables users to nearly flush mount their HDTVs – avoiding the problems posed when connecting standard HDMI cables to rear-facing HDMI ports.

The Atlona line of HDMI 1.3b cables cut the distance needed for the HDMI connector ends by more than 50 per cent, extending just over 1 inch from an HDMI port.

Michael Khain, head of Atlona’s product development department, said: "This is another product designed to solve a specific problem that a affects a lot of HDTV owners."

Khain said the new swivel connector cables are being targeted at every market – from professional to residential AV.

The HDMI and DVI cables include models AT14035-X (HDMI) and AT14022-X (DVI to HDMI). They are available now starting at USD $34.99 MSRP.

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