Many people are expecting Apple to release an Apple smart watch before a HDTV. Nevertheless, a new concept provides an interesting look at how a smart HDTV that has been inspired by the iOS might look like. The concept is attributed to Andrew Ambrosino, the designer who gave us the highly enchanting OS X 10.11 concept a few days ago.

The Apple HDTV concept is extremely captivating, despite the hardware shortfalls. The Apple HDTV OS concept, much like the earlier OS X 10.11 concept gets a big chunk of its inspiration from the iOS 7 from Apple.
The concept comprises of a dock for icons at the bottom part of the HDTV's screen and notifications will be appearing at the top-right corner. The HDTV also features Spotlight text field that enables searching throughout the system as well as a built in Siri for hands free control of the HDTV.

There have also been talks of Apples interest in 4K as well as 8K displays for use in future iDevices such as iPads or Apple HDTV. However, according to Tim Cook, Apple chief executive officer new categories of products are expected to be launched in 2014. Most analysts expect this comment to mean the so called iWatch, with the Apple’s dedicated HDTV set to be launched in 2015.

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