Zer01 Mobile has announced the launch of its unlimited, prepaid, voice and data service that the company is selling to distributors in the US.

The Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (or MVNE) said its low-cost offering can support unlimited service via mobile VoIP technology running over AT&T Mobility’s network.

Ben Piilani, CEO of Zer01, said many years of research and testing have culminated in the public launch this week of the new, "truly unlimited" voice, data and Web mobile wireless service.

"Thanks to the ingenuity of the Zer01 Mobile engineering team, our new Veritable Mobile Convergence technology allows each smartphone user to make voice calls or transmit data through a VoIP system," he said.

The company’s offering is not intended for end users. Instead, Zer01 is selling the service as an MVNE – so doesn’t actively sell the service to phone shoppers.

That roles is taken by the company’s distributors, which include Buzzirk Mobile and others.

The company expects to add additional distributors in the near future.

Its system runs on Windows Mobile phones and it will offer devices from HTC and Pharos.

The service also includes low-cost international calling.

Zer01 unveiled its plans earlier this year and at the time said it would launch in April with a service for USD $69.95 per month.

However, the company has since backed off offering that specific price, apparently to provide more flexible pricing options to distributors.

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