Yuuguu has expanded its screen sharing cross network application to include Skype.

The Yuuguu for Skype Beta enables Skype users to screen share and collaborate with one or more contacts.

Yuuguu can also use the VOIP calling feature of Skype.

The application also allows users to combine their contacts on a variety of instant messaging services such as Google Talk, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and AIM into one place.

Each month, Yuuguu is free for 100 minutes with a maximum of five participants in a session.

Users can upgrade to Yuuguu Plus for USD $15 per month, which includes unlimited screen sharing and web conferencing usage.

Co-founder and CEO of Yuuguu, Anish Kapoor said the Yuuguu for Skype Beta is the simplest and quickest way for Skype users to instantly screen share, and collaborate in real time with one or more of their contacts on Skype.

"Our product developments over the last 18 months have been geared to strong customer demand for instant real-time collaboration tightly integrated with their instant messaging services," he said.

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