Resistance by wireless carriers to allowing customers access to VoIP services across their mobile networks has attracted the attention of the regulators, with the US Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and the European Union all looking into the practice.

xG Technology claims they had developed an alternative path that allows consumers to benefit from much lower cost mobile calls via the internet, avoiding the incumbent carriers’ networks all together.

The company developed xMax, which is similar to Vonage or Skype, but in the form of a fully mobile handset that doesn’t require the use and extra cost of a computer or broadband internet connection.

xG Technology claims they can offer consumers the prospect of lower phone bills because xMax transmits over unlicensed spectrum – the same as baby monitors and cordless phones and because xMax was built as a totally internet-based digital system from top to bottom in a extremely cost efficient way.

The firm recently reported that they had completed more than 20,000 successful wireless pilot network calls using a new approach to mobile telecommunications.

“There was understandable skepticism when we first announced that we were taking an entirely new approach to launching a mobile, broadband VoIP network,” said Joe Bobier, CTO and president of operations. “Our successful call completion experience proves that we are on the right track and that, with xMax, the future holds the prospect of lower costs for wireless voice and broadband”.

According to the company, xMax networks can enable communication providers to aggressively compete with national carriers by offering customers unlimited voice and data plans both locally and long distance, extremely low-cost international calling, no contracts, as well as home phone and high-speed internet service.

xG Technology is a US based company, but development of xMax is an international effort that involves companies in Europe and Asia. They currently have 50 US and 101 international patents.

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