“VoIP penetration among businesses is increasing rapidly, but I believe that reliability and redundancy can still be improved. Many service providers have not yet implemented redundancy to improve reliability,” said Arash Vahidnia, President and CEO of IPsmarx, in an interview with VoIP.Biz-News.com

IPsmarx SIP-Based Calling Card Platform has recently been awarded our “Product of the Year Award 2009”.

The platform is an all-in-one solution that incorporates both Pin & Pinless service management with advanced recharge options, integrated billing and e-commerce, as well as rich marketing features. Because the solution is SIP based, there is no need for a physical gateway to be installed, which dramatically reduces operating costs and go-to-market time.

The award goes to IPsmarx second year in a row. We asked Arash to tell us what he thinks makes their product unique: “Because all of our solutions are built on the same platform, we are able to provide a unified solution. Therefore, service providers are able to offer a wide variety of VoIP services without installing and managing more than one piece of equipment or billing interfaces,” he answered.

He gave us this example: “We have clients who offer residential VoIP service, calling cards, and manage callshops or internet cafes and they are able to use the same billing system, agent management solution, and marketing features for each service, which significantly reduces their operating costs.”

“IPsmarx also puts focus on testing and reliability, enlisting the top testing companies to test our billing and switching capabilities under the most stressful conditions and the highest capacity and CPS (calls per second), to ensure that our platform can support the most successful VoIP companies out there,” he added.

When asked how the Platform has changed during this year and what features have been added to keep it competitive on the market, Arash said, “Our development team is constantly adding new features based on our clients’ needs. This year we’ve added a complete suite of marketing features, such as integrated email marketing, a customer service ticketing system, loyalty program management, and discount and promotion tools for service providers. We’ve also enhanced our reseller and agent management platform, enabling many different multi-tiered selling strategies among our clients.

“We’ve also added additional solutions to our product line, enabling calling card providers to expand and offer other VoIP services as well, such as business and residential VoIP service. We’ve released the latest version of our IP-PBX platform for business service providers recently.”

He revealed that the company will also introduce some new features pertaining to smart phones in the near future.

He said IPsmarx has seen a lot of their clients grow and expand their businesses with IPsmarx solutions over the years. “Small start ups have become nationwide chains and we have remained their preferred backbone because of our scalable solutions and high customer support standards,” said the CEO of IPsmarx.

As for plans for 2010, Arash said the company will continue to add features to our IP-PBX Platform to encourage growth among Small and Medium Business Service Providers.

“We believe that the Small and Medium business sector will begin to adopt VoIP more rapidly in the near future, creating an opportunity for service providers. That is why we have placed an emphasis on developing features for providers addressing this market,” he said.

He also said IPsmarx is looking forward to the ITW show in Washington, DC May 24th-26th where they can meet with new and existing clients.

“For the last 10 years, our philosophy has been to foster growth among our service provider clients’ businesses. Therefore, we strive to support all of our clients to achieve success and expand their service offering in any way that we can,” he concluded.

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