VoIP protocol is now available to Optus’s wholesale customers. Optus’ current partners and upcoming Cloud resellers are set to gain from its ipPhone express app.

According to Robert Parcel, Optus’s wholesale and satellite MD, the new service is a "significant differentiator and great opportunity for the channel."

Parcel added that their resellers had been exploring on ways to use the increasing confidence in VoIP from both consumers and businesses to boost the number of their customers and competitive advantage in the market.

New customers will have the privilege of getting a new source of income on top of getting support from Optus’s teams. What sets Optus’s VoIP service apart from the rest in the market is the assurance of high quality care that the customers will get.

According to the telecommunications provider, customers from different service providers can be targeted be the resellers and they would still get to keep their original number while using the service.

Optus’s partners have the opportunity of creating VoIP service among many other products and services which could be provided as additions to a broadband service.

Optus claims that it VoIP services will be beneficial to its customers in; managing call forwarding, reducing rental and call costs for a phone line, facilitation in making service changes, management of call diversions and contact lists via a web agent, and availability of different packages to fit different customer requirements.

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