VoIP provider Vyke expects to see a strong performance over the rest of 2009 as demand for the technology remains strong despite the global recession.

While the company has announced a wider full-year 2008, which it said is due to acquisitions, it remains confident that the VoIP market is doing well.

Vyke chairman Tommy Jensen said they expects to deliver results in line with original expectations over the course of 2009.

He said that despite the difficult global economic situation and the work involved in the internal migration of operations from US to UK, the first five months of 2009 had progressed well.

"We are optimistic about the organic and acquisitive growth opportunities currently available in the market," he said.

VoIP has become an increasingly mainstream tool for businesses and individuals alike as access to high-speed broadband services becomes more widespread.

Vyke highlights – Preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2008:

  • Gross billing on all operations increased by 46% to GBP £39.0 million from £26.8 million in the previous year
  • Gross billing on continuing operations increased by 65% to GBP £30.0 million from £18.2 million in the previous year
  • Loss before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) on continuing operations: GBP £3.3 million (2007: loss £2.6m)
  • Loss for the year on continuing operations: GBP £4.4 million (2007: £3.0 million)
  • Loss for the year including discontinued operations: GBP £6.6 million (2007: £3.6 million)
  • Callserve Communications Limited and Iios Limited acquired in first quarter 2008
  • Disposal of loss making legacy businesses in second half of the year

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