A new patent which reduces the likelihood of dropped and incomplete calls has been added to Vonage’s portfolio.

Louis Mamakos, Vonage’s CTO and executive vice president, said the patent reflected the depth of talent and creativity at the company.

According to Vonage, the invention, which was filed for patent in 2003, makes it "less likely for customers to encounter dropped calls, incomplete attempted calls or other communication problems resulting from typical router function and behavior".

“This is an exciting moment for Vonage as we continue to expand our patent portfolio to help create a more reliable calling experience for our customers,” said Mamakos.

The patent relates to improvements in Internet telephony where Network Address Translation (NAT) is required.

The patent addresses the issue of a router losing an outbound port during an Internet telephone connection.

To avoid the router timing out and closing the outbound port, the patent causes the media terminal adapter to send an outbound message to the Internet telephony regional data center.

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