Verizon is to shut its VoIP service VoiceWing on 31 March.

Existing VoiceWing VoIP service customers have been contacted by Verizon Communications to inform them that it is withdrawing the offering from the end of March.

The company does not report how many VoiceWing subscribers it has on its books.

VoiceWing is likely to be replaced by a new venture, FiOS Digital Voice.

Verizon recently launched ‘The Hub‘, a multifunction touch-screen home phone that connects to a broadband line.

It also has plans to introduce a new VoIP package utilising its own fibre-optic connections.

VoiceWing was launched five years ago by rebranding DeltaThree. It was set up to compete with Vonage.

DeltaThree, which ran the back-end services for VoiceWing, has also been a victim of the times and has been running out of cash. It was recently delisted from Nasdaq.

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