The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have finally offered an issue notification to for its mobile gateway patent. The issue date is set for January 14th 2014.

The mobile gateway enables users to make long distance calls at the local rates through the use of the existing mobile telephone network. The users can also access the reserved telephone numbers extracted from the origination site of the call.

The Chairman as well as CEO of, Dr. Thomas E. Sawyer stated that with the worldwide extension of LTE, services such as LTE broadcast, LTE connected vehicles, and carrier grade WiFi makes the Voip-Pal’s patented mobile Gateway quite obvious. He also indicated that VoIP-Pal is well set for the future, being technologically savvy in terms of mobile internet.

Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google indicated that the mobile trend has seen a significant increase and is poised to stand out in 2014. He also indicated that Voip-Pal has the patented technology that will see it emerge as the leading player in the rapidly growing roaming internet.

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