The Future Of HD VoIP Is Video

HD VoIP is rapidly gaining followers but the possibilities for excellent sound quality aren’t its only benefits.

Jeffery Rodman, Polycom co-founder and CTO of the Voice Division, believes that video will quickly become a "must-have" feature of HD voice technology.

In an interview on HD VoIP with smithonvoip he said the proliferation of HD calling was being driven by people’s need to communicate effectively.

But as it became more mainstream the benefits of adding video to the mix would become glaringly apparent.

"Because it’s an IP network, video is coming sooner than anyone thinks," he said.

"It’s interesting how that works; seems like video might just be a frill, but when you actually see and use it, there’s a part of you that leaps forward and thinks ‘that’s what I’ve been missing’.”

Rodman said virtually everything listened to today, from FM radio and CD’s, to television and even oven timers, is already wideband audio.

The phone – a critical tool in business – had become the last holdout of poor audio.

He said once people heard about HD Voice, they discover that it’s a simple, robust, and economical enhancement of the system they already have.

"More and more VoIP telephones are including HD Voice in their basic function sets because it adds value and helps efficiency without significantly affecting cost," he said.

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