VoIP Service: A Cost-Effective Replacement for Traditional Telephony

As the VoIP industry has grown in both importance and economic potential, unfortunately this has also resulted in fraud incidents becoming more frequent and damaging. As such, fraud is a very expensive problem for the industry and needs to be combatted. Consequently, many anti-fraud websites and networks have been established to report fraud and to warn others against rogue operators.

VoIP forums and social networks like LinkedIn are flooded with topics from users devoted to companies accused of non-payment and other fraudulent activity. However, not all of these media are moderated and sometimes the information cannot be verified. Suffice it to say, some of these claims can be very doubtful.

For this very delicate situation, reputable resources with verified information are needed. Lots of companies use VoIPfraud.net to publish and check information about fraudsters and nonpayers. The website, 9 years old and with thousands of registered users, is devoted to fraudulent schemes and companies operating in the VoIP sector.

Just like on the forums and social networks, users can publish information about fraudulent organizations they have had the misfortune to deal with. However, what makes voipfraud.net different is that each claim is checked and needs to be verified by an administrator before publishing. Only after the administrator has contacted the accused company to check the information can the warning appear on the website.

Learn more at www.voipfraud.net.

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