T-Mobile Germany is reconsidering its VoIP strategy as a rival carrier works on special VoIP plans.

The change of heart is in sharp contrast to T-Mobile’s threat to cut off VoIP users – both physically and contractually – after Skype announced the release of its iPhone app in March.

The carrier is considering ways of dealing with VoIP – which could include VoIP-specific monthly plans.

It comes as Vodafone Germany is reported to be considering offering special VoIP plans.

T-Mobile Germany is to launch Nokia’s flagship smartphone the N97 this summer but Skype will not be pre-loaded on the device.

This is despite Nokia having a deal to preload the VoIP client on to the new devices.

The carrier has now said that it will be up to subscribers to decide if they want the app.

Those that do will be able to download it to their VoiP compatible N97s.

It certainly seems as though T-Mobile Germany has paid attention to consumer displeasure following its initial outburst.

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