Spitfire has completed interoperability testing and accreditation for its SIP Trunking service with the Panasonic range of phone systems.

This includes Panasonic’s next generation phone system, the KX-NCP (Network Communications Platform).

The voice and data solution provider’s SIP Trunking has been designed as an ISDN30 and ISDN2 replacement to give business quality secure telephony.

Spitfire says its typically costs a third less than the monthly rental cost of an equivalent ISDN service.

Tom Fellowes, Spitfire’s sales director, said interoperability testing was completed for both Panasonic and Avaya phone systems.

He said its SIP service on Asterisk and a number of other SIP systems had also been tested and approved.

"Providing the IP circuit ourselves allows us to control the quality of service delivery to the customer," he said.

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