Founded in 2004, Speedflow is already a well-known telecom services provider and VoIP software developer.

The company’s telecom portfolio includes wholesale and retail premium VoIP A-Z termination services that targets transit carriers and corporate subscribers.

Among its customers you can find Tier-1 national, global carriers, ISPs, corporate carriers and residential VoIP providers.

Speedflow’s constantly expanded network includes points of present in Europe, Hong Kong and the USA. They have established direct routes to prime destinations throughout the world. That enables them to provide their clients with the best VoIP rates available.

Speedflow is a well-known developer of reliable and stable software solutions for Voice over IP providers which lay in foundation of its VoIP termination services. Namely, MediaCore a Class 4 Softswitch and CallMax a Class 5 Softswitch

Speedflow’s VoIP Solutions


MediaCore is an innovative multifunctional class 4 switching and billing solution.

MediCore softswich is scalable and designed specifically for the wholesale VoIP providers.


According to the company, the “unprecedented” data integrity and security in their products are guaranteed by transparent role setting for database access and on-line access monitoring. “Even during service procedures, support don’t have access to commercial data. Native firewall, clustering and backup mechanisms handle today’s security threats.”

Here is what MadiaCore has to offer:

  • end-to-end solution with modular structure;
  • session border controller functionality;
  • SMS support via SMPP protocol;
  • user friendly and functional Web Interface;
  • native SIP — H.323 protocol converter;
  • multi-level security mechanism;
  • regular free updates;
  • 24/7 technical support. 

Learn more about MediaCore.


CallMax is a Class 5 Softswitch for VoIP retail. It is the modular structure solution that comprises IP PBX, Calling Card and Call Shop platforms.

CallMax solution has integrated billing and convenient Web Portal for end-users. It comprises the following modules:

  • Hosted/Virtual IP PBX
  • Calling Card Platform
  • Call Shop

Each of the modules is a full-fledged platform managed separately or all together as a Complete Set. 


CallMax offer the following management features:

  • Prepay / postpay options
  • Resellers / subscribers personal profile
  • Individual & shareable balances for activated services
  • Credit limit control
  • User account management
  • Integrated top-up mechanism
  • Automatic invoice generation engine
  • Compatible with various processing systems (PayPal, credit card, etc.)
  • Advanced report generation tools

Learn more about CallMax.


AccuCore is a ERP system for VoIP business automation and optimization. It has rate management and financial analysis features, invoicing, as well as report generation tools.

Developed for VoIP business, AccuCore contains:

  • incoming and outgoing invoices management;
  • clients’ data and equipment, IP-addresses, contacts management;
  • automatic suppliers’ price-lists uploading with error verification;
  • e-mail notifications and price-lists delivery tracking on every client;
  • new VoIP rates application into billing and routing systems;
  • test-numbers database for all routes with automatic search engine;
  • automatic price-list generation based on suppliers’ price-lists;
  • actual targets and offers storage;
  • built-in NOC TT.

AccuCore generates reports by IAS and GAAP standards. Speedflow has also developed its own system of “informative and convenient reports,” which is said to show all parameters of business processes and simplify financial analysis.

Learn more about AccuCore.


Pay-n-Get is a processing system for prepaid services distribution. It’s a perfect solution for calling card providers that eliminates the need for scratch cards. 

Pay-n-get is designed for mobile top up, PIN codes selling, electronic voucher and prepaid airtime distribution.


Pay-n-Get allows refilling balances of:

  • Mobile operators
  • VoIP carriers
  • Internet providers
  • Cable / Satellite TV providers
  • Utilities providers
  • Other pre-paid products and services

Learn more about Pay-n-Get.


Speedflow offers a wide range of additional VoIP services for telecom companies which are concerned about their business growth.

Telecom services:

– VoIP Wholesale Termination
– VoIP Premium Termination

Software services: 

– Class 4 VoIP Solution Rent
– Class 5 VoIP Solution Rent
– CDR Comparison

To help startup VoIP companies and to empower established ones with business agility, Speedflow offers softswitch solution for rent (hosted softswitch).

VoIP providers can either rent the software only or use the turn-key solution, which includes VoIP Softswitch as a complete set installed on company’s dedicated servers at reliable data-centers with necessary internet bandwidth. Speedflow offers flexible VoIP softswitch rent conditions depending on the traffic volume.

Speedflow also offers a CDR comparison service which gives the customer the ability to settle all debt disputes with its partners.


Customer Care Services:

Customer care is one of Speedflow’s priorities. They provide qualified support at all times starting from the first quote request through to their software application.

Speedflow customer services include:

– Consultations
– Presentations
– Installation
– Trainings
– Technical Support
– The backup option
– Regular Updates and Upgrades

Learn more about Services.

Check out the company’s overview video:

Learn more on Speedflow website.


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