Softswitch is a central device in a telecommunications network which provides management of voice, fax, data and video traffic and connects telephone calls from one phone line to another.

Softswitches used for transit VoIP traffic between carriers are usually called Class 4 softswitches, whereas softswitches intended for work with end-users are called Class 5 softswitches.

Speedflow Communications now offers a wide range of carrier-grade software products, including class 4 and class 5 softswitches. The company’s highly innovative and full-featured VoIP software solutions are designed for VoIP carriers and other IP telephony-related companies.

Speedflow’s flagship solutions are MediaCore, proprietary Linux-based multifunctional carrier-grade class 4 Softswitch intended for transit VoIP traffic, and CallMax, multifunctional class 5 softswitch designed for VoIP companies providing services for end users.

Among the main features of the MediaCore softswitch are:
– Dynamic routing mechanism with high system capability;
– Integrated billing module with advanced tools;
– Guardian – revenue assurance system for traffic quality estimation;
– Transcoding which supports all popular codecs used in the field of VoIP.

According to Speedflow, user friendly and functional web-interface of the system is understandable even for the beginners.

MediaCore Softswitch supports full signaling proxy and handles more than 30.000 concurrent calls/lines.

Among the wide range of services available for CallMax customers are:
– Residential/ Hosted IP PBX platform;
– SIP-trunking;
– Calling Card platform;
– Authorization by PIN, ANI, SIP, etc.

Both MediaCore and CallMax softswitches are available for rent and purchase. Speedflow Communications offers free trial period before buying the product.

The company also guarantees 24/7 support for all the products.

Get more information about MediaCore Softswitch and CallMax Softswitch.

Speedflow Communications has focused on delivering quality services and products to the VoIP market since its inception in 2004. Their success in this field has resulted in an opportunity to service over 600 reliable customers varying from Tier-1 national and global carriers to ISPs, Corporate carriers and residential VoIP providers. Speedflow presents exceptional range of Carrier-grade products and solutions. Single Point of Control solutions from Speedflow include: Mediacore (Class 4), Callmax (Class 5), Guardian (Revenue Assurance), Routing and Billing. Each of these products will make your management extremely efficient and your business become more profitable with less effort from your side.

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