SoliCall, a provider of real time noise reduction and echo cancellation solutions for voice calls, has announced the release of a personal version of its enterprise level PBXMate product.

The PBXMate is being used by organizations to improve audio quality in their VoIP network. Now it will also be available for individuals who are using SIP phone (or SoftPhone) looking to improve audio quality.

According to the company, with the Personal PBXMate all parties will enjoy a high quality audio during VoIP call. “This is another step to make our solutions accessible for all users. Both small businesses and individuals will now be able to enjoy the technology that has grasped roots and became popular among large corporations”, said Adam Moore, Director of Media Relations at SoliCall.

The Personal PBXMate runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Some of the key benefits of the Personal PBXMate:

• Server Side Echo canceller (AEC) – your voice will never be echoed back at you. The server side AEC cancels echo before it reaches your ears.
• Client Side Echo canceller (AEC) – no need to use headset or hold the handset anymore.
• Server side noise reduction (NR) – shield your ears from irritating street noise / wind noise etc.
• Client side noise reduction (NR) – make professional calls from your home office without exposing the other party to your ambient noise.
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – makes sure the volume of the call is always set to a comfortable level.
• Automatic call recording – your calls are automatically recorded using synchronized mode that overcomes network delays & buffering.
• Key statistic indicators are displayed to help you measure the quality of the calls.

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