SoliCall has signed three international deals with companies from the UK, US and India for its noise reduction and echo cancellation (AEC) technology.

The Israel-based provider of software for VoIP solutions, mobile phones and IP PBXs has developed patent pending algorithms for audio improvement.

Shlomi Simhi, director of marketing for SoliCall, said SoliCall SDK would provide the three companies with features for audio improvement that is suitable for all VoIP applications.

He said the new clients would be using the software for a variety of uses:

  • a British company will be implementing SoliCall SDK across its new video conferencing servers
  • a New-York based company will be using the technology for its gaming applications
  • an Indian software company will integrate the solution as part of distributed Internet-based multiparty, multimedia interactions for on-line education

Simhi said the new deals align with SoliCall’s vision to deploy its voice quality solution on any voice platform and to ensure high standards of call quality and reliability.

"The variety of the companies who will be using our solution both on the client side and on the server side, only emphasizes the on-going demand for our solution," he said.

SoliCall has developed a personalized voice pass filter that identifies the voice of the speaker and extracts it from the audio signal.

The company offers a free SoftPhone add-On for private users, which controls the filtering of the incoming audio; live graphs of the audio (before & after filtering); recording options (in WAV or in MP3 format).

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