Skype is taking another step forward with Verizon and expanding the Skype mobile application onto a variety of Multimedia 3G phones with an app based on the BREW platform, including the LG enV TOUCH, LG Chocolate Touch and Samsung Reality.

According to Skype, their mobile app for Verizon Wireless 3G Multimedia phones works the same way it does on the carrier’s smartphones, “letting you make free calls to friends and family on Skype, great value calls to landlines and mobile phones overseas, and send IMs to people on Skype anywhere in the world.”

On Skype blog, Peter Parkes explains how charging works:

Skype-to-Skype calls, to or from your mobile, computer or TV
These calls are completely free (you’ll need a data plan in order to use Skype mobile on your Verizon phone.). They don’t count towards your Verizon minutes allowance.

Calls to another mobile number or landline number in the US
These calls count towards your Verizon minutes.

Calls to an international mobile number or landline number
These calls are great value – pay for these using Skype Credit or one of our subscriptions.

“Additionally, as the app runs in the background, you’ll never miss a call,” says Parkes.

Six months ago, Skype announced a strategic relationship between them and Verizon Wireless to create the Skype mobile application and make it available on a variety of Verizon Wireless’ Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

Skype mobile is also available for DROID and selected BlackBerry smartphones on Verizon Wireless.

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