After demonstrating how easy it was to eavesdrop and record VoIP calls made over an unsecured WiFi network on the iPhone using open source software called UCSniff, Sipera Systems, which offers real-time Unified Communications (UC) security, released the Sipera Secure Live Communications (SLiC) mobility solution.

As the smartphone market has exploded, hundreds of communication applications have been introduced that take advantage of WiFi and data services such as 3G, GPRS and other technologies.

But these applications do not natively integrate into the enterprise security infrastructure, making it difficult for communications security managers to ensure communications privacy, data integrity, and other critical security requirements.

As a result, employees are using unauthorized VoIP or other UC applications on their smartphones and violating privacy mandates and confidentiality rules, exposing themselves to eavesdropping, and increasing information security risks.

Sipera claims SLiC solves the smartphone security challenge by “integrating the smartphone into the enterprise communications security infrastructure”.

“The solution automatically authenticates the smartphone back into the enterprise PBX or call manager, ensures encryption of IP-based communications, enforces security policies in real-time and blocks threats or blacklisted callers,” the company says.

According to Sipera, “delivering breakthrough enterprise-class communications privacy and security for Voice-over-IP and UC on smartphones, Sipera SLiC makes smartphone VoIP and UC >business ready<.”

The company states SLiC is the industry’s first security solution enabling enterprises to “tame” the smartphone, permitting employees to use VoIP, UC, cloud telephony, and other low-cost and feature-rich communications applications on mobile devices with complete security and privacy.

Sipera SLiC enables smartphone VoIP to include smart-card card authentication for accessing enterprise resources, providing unparalleled access control and communications privacy. It uses two-factor authentication with smartphone VoIP for enhanced access control.

“Secure unified communications on the smartphone will revolutionize enterprise communications, dramatically improving company agility and employee responsiveness,” said John Lochow, President and CEO of Sipera Systems.

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