mobile dialer

Rapidsoft Systems, a developer of mobile VoIP solutions has announced new designs for its popular SIP VoIP and calling card dialers for mobile phones.

The new updates are available with over 24 different skins and themes for OEMS, VoIP operators and their subscribers.

Other features include simple user configuration, clear indications of a successful server registration, call recording support, and multiple user accounts. More so, consumers have the privilege of checking their account balance in pre-paid accounts or calling card accounts.

There are several forms in which the RDialer series of mobile dialers are available. These include:

  1. SIP VoIP mobile dialers: To make outgoing call or accept incoming call, the dialers use a data network that helps the user save cellular minutes. They use SIP protocol to dial out a number. A SIP server is needed for the software to work and they work with any SIP server.
  1. Callback, Calling Card or Call Though mobile dialers: To call out, these dialers use a cellular channel. The dialers save on time by dialing a selected access number or by pre-entering calling card information.

Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows PCs Symbian devices have the Calling card dialers or Callback dialers options.

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