Paradial, an IP-communications software developer, has signed an agreement with a major Asian telecom operator, a comprehensive provider of communications services in the region.

The licensing agreement covers Paradial’s RealTunnel standards-based firewall and NAT traversal product, which includes STUN, TURN and ICE support.

The RealTunnel is designed for solving the connectivity problem from the end user to the operator or ISP, often referred to as far-end NAT traversal.

It is an open and SIP and H.323-compliant solution which makes SIP and H.323 clients work virtually with any firewall and network. It may be configured and setup as a VoIP SSL VPN. RealTunnel supports STUN, TURN, ICE, H.460 and other traversal technologies for SIP and H.323.

It uses TCP to deliver the real-time characteristics usually supplied by RTP/UDP to audio and video communications applications.


RealTunnel Firewall/NAT enables real-time audio and video communication applications across organizational and network boundaries, including the Internet and corporate intranets.


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