Telefónica O2 Germany opens mobile telecommunications network for Voice-over-IP services. From today, all O2 customers in Germany can use mobile internet telephony services like Skype or Fring with the current internet packs from O2. Using VoIP services will not be extra charged.

By opening its HSPA network for VoIP use, O2 Germany becomes one of the first traditional telecom operators worldwide which allows its customers using voip-based services and the first that doesn’t charge any further fees for doing this.

"We operate one of the most modern and most rapid mobile data networks in Europe and our customers are to experience it without limitations, no matter whether they surf, email, use instant messaging or make phone calls", says Lutz Schüler, Managing Director Marketing & Sales of Telefónica O2 Germany.

Earlier this summer T-Mobile announced that it is to end its ban on mobile VoIP applications within its German network – but will charge customers upwards of € 9.95 per month for the service. Vodafone Germany is also to introduce VoIP tariffs later this year.

O2 offers the customers two mobile internet flat rates: Internet Pack M that allows surfing the internet at a volume of up to 200 MB and up to HSDPA speed for € 10/month and Internet Pack L with the full speed to 5GB for € 25/month.

"By opening our mobile high-speed network for VoIP services, we set new standards in the area of the mobile internet," added Schüler.

In Germany, the mobile data network of O2 reaches almost 100 percent of the population. Large parts of Germany are supplied with HSDPA at speeds of up to 7.2 MBit/s and the rapid upload technology HSUPA.

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