Nortel CVAS (Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions) unveiled new wireless and 4G mobile VoIP solution enhancements. According to Nortel, the enhancements equip carriers to deliver “a superior user experience, reduce network deployment costs and speed time to market.”

It equips operators to integrate seamlessly with all cellular technologies, including 2G, 3G and the latest 4G LTE and WiMAX networks. The solution delivers a set of voice, messaging and multimedia services to all of the subscriber’s devices, with seamless hand-off across WiFi, GSM 2G/3G, CDMA 2G/3G, HSPA/+, WiMAX and LTE networks.

Nortel CVAS says its new enhancements in 4G Mobile VoIP also equip carriers with “advanced routing capabilities for querying a Home Location Register“ to optimize call routing into the cellular network, billing enhancements to facilitate billing correlation between legacy cellular and SIP networks, and roaming support on a foreign cellular operator’s network.

“The solution offers integrated wireless signaling gateway capability that allows operators to leverage their existing OAM systems for fault management, performance management, provisioning and billing. Subscribers can enjoy a better communication experience because the solution enables seamless hand-off between mobile and broadband networks, as well as advanced features like single identity, presence, web-based call screening, visual voicemail, and SMS to IM interworking,” the company says.

Nortel is implementing large scale 4G VoIP network that offers voice continuity between 4G mobile VoIP, existing 2G/3G cellular voice and WiFi. In addition, they have deployed VoIP solutions that leverage the subscriber’s laptop and mobile device in parallel for call control and multimedia service enrichment.

Nortel CVAS 4G Mobile VoIP solution enhancements are expected to be available in the second half of 2010. The solution can be deployed as a stand-alone SIP Application Server, as a 3GPP IMS-compliant application server or as an upgrade for carrier customers who have already deployed Nortel’s Communication Server (CS) 2000 IP Multimedia softswitch .

Samih Elhage, president, CVAS, Nortel said, "Our 4G Mobile VoIP solution simplifies operator deployments and eliminates the need for costly upgrades to existing Mobile Service Control Points and back-office systems, which results in lower costs and faster time to market for carriers. In addition, Nortel CVAS mobile VoIP and FMC innovations have been deployed by several leading service providers across the globe."

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