South Carolina-based Zipit Wireless launched a new app, one they expect to help healthcare professionals deliver faster, more complete aid to their patients than ever before. It’s called Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution, and it has grown out of an exclusive partnership with Verizon.

The new app will launch in over one hundred healthcare facilities in the United States, and will give professionals the ability to send a tracked communication in ten seconds or less. That level of speed means faster decision-making for patients in critical health and better access to current patient and treatment information, potentially leading to higher quality care and saved lives.

The app will be available on Android and iOS devices, and works like a next generation pager. Users can send alerts, launch a two-way communications window, and create pages tagged with various levels of priority. The Vice President of Verizon Connected Healthcare, Peter Tippett, feels it may forever transform the healthcare industry. His excitement stems from the idea that technology can enable professionals to better care for their patients through instant connectivity and the sharing of information at unprecedented speeds.

Hospital professionals are already sounding off on the app’s viability and real-world applications. They feel it brings accountability along with information access, as the app creates a detailed log of all communications, whether voice, text or page. But Zipit Wireless feels that the app provides a unique opportunity for other industries as well. Any field that needs quick, clear and accountable communication, such as the manufacturing or hotel industries, will find it streamlines their IT processes, saving their company and their customers money and time.

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